Stranger Things Tarot Spread

Let’s Get Strange!

Season 2 of Stranger Things is here and what better way to honour it (second to binge watching the entire season in one weekend, let’s be real) than by digging inside your own psyche to examine your personal demons and bring to light your powers through this Stranger Things tarot spread.

This spread is designed to help you understand some of the things you’re hiding from yourself and the world and how to find balance between the things that bring lightness to your life and the things that bring darkness. One cannot be without the other. Continue reading “Stranger Things Tarot Spread”

My Personalized Crystal Session at Happy Soul Toronto

I was fortunate to be invited to Happy Soul for an Intro to Crystals session with Joey Wargachuk (pictured above with Happy Soul founder and owner Diane Kewley). These sessions are like one-on-one personal crystal shopping experiences that help you find the crystals that might be helpful or healing to you at this time. You also have the opportunity to have all your crystal questions answered, of which I had plenty! Continue reading “My Personalized Crystal Session at Happy Soul Toronto”

Pre-Birthday Reading: Time to Embrace My Inner Empress

Guys, I’m still kind of freaking out about this epic reading I had this week! Let me rant and then I’ll explain.

I always get a little weird around my birthday. As much as I covet the opportunity to start anew, I can never avoid the deep analysis that inevitably comes with turning another year older. I’ll be the first to admit this past year wasn’t my greatest. Sure I had some great opportunities and experiences (I got married! I paid off my OSAP! I went to Paris!), but overall I felt a little lost and stagnant. My purpose didn’t feel clear and I was never quite sure what direction I should be moving in. I’m not one of these people who can just go with the flow, so not knowing where I was going felt paralyzing and suffocating at times. Needless to say, I am ready for a change. A big one!

So in this week’s tarot class, I asked the following: Continue reading “Pre-Birthday Reading: Time to Embrace My Inner Empress”

Yoga Doesn’t Care and Neither Do I

Can I get a fuck yes?!!!!

Somebody shared this article in a Facebook group I’m in: Yoga Doesn’t Care: A Disclaimer that should be posted in every studio.  I think this is my new manifesto. I’m gonna print this baby out and hang it on my wall. I’m gonna read it every damn day. Etch it into my brain. Tattoo it on my skin.

A sample:

Yoga isn’t about our lifestyle, our beliefs, our weight, our diet, our flexibility, how spiritual or enlightened we are—yoga is just about showing up and doing our dance on our mats.

Yoga doesn’t care what your hair looks like.
Yoga doesn’t care if you are vegetarian, if you eat meat or know what Kombucha is.
Yoga doesn’t care when the last time you practiced was—yesterday, six months ago, never.
Yoga doesn’t care what kind of mat you have, brand new or eating away at itself.
Yoga doesn’t care if you show up cranky or exhausted.

Such wise words, and that’s only just the beginning. Continue reading “Yoga Doesn’t Care and Neither Do I”

10 Essential Oils to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

I LOVE essential oils! Those beautiful, sensual aromas have the power to transform your mood, whether it’s to pick you up, calm you down, or even make you feel a little sexy! They have become an integral part of my yoga practice and I like to incorporate them whenever I can. They’re gorgeous, natural and grounding, and they make me feel connected to nature even when I’m trudging my mat through the proverbial concrete jungle.

Here are 10 essential oils you can use to enhance your yoga practice. Continue reading “10 Essential Oils to Enhance Your Yoga Practice”

60 Min Yoga Flow Playlist

I’m teaching my first Saturday class this weekend and I made this soundtrack to go along with it. I feel these songs in my bones and I love the way they make my body move and feel, and yes that includes “Saved” from Nashville (anyone else waiting for Jan 2018 with intense anticipation?!?!). I just love Maddie’s, I mean Lennon’s, voice. So much so, I threw another track of hers on there as well. Press play and flow away.  Continue reading “60 Min Yoga Flow Playlist”

Tarot Diaries: Drawing the 8 of Pentacles

I have always loved Tarot and recently I committed to learning more by signing up for a 12-week tarot certification program through one of my favourite esoteric shops here in Toronto. I’m about a third of the way through and I thought I’d start writing about my Tarot journey here and its relation to my yoga practice. Plus writing about things is the best way for me to learn, so why not share these things I’m learning with you! 

Today I shuffled my deck, looked inward and asked the Tarot what I needed to know about a new project I’ve recently been discussing. The project is a short-term opportunity that is relevant to my background and experience, but isn’t something I’ve actually done before. I’m also not sure if it’s something I want to invest so much energy into even though it would be a new challenge for me, and I am looking for new challenges, and it would have a good material payout at the end if it all worked out. However, the idea of it makes me a little anxious because it strays from the plan I had for myself this summer, which was to focus on my writing job, begin pitching more articles, and to truly commit to my yoga practice and get my yoga teaching off the ground. I never want to see a good opportunity walk out the door, but I also know that despite what anyone tells you, you do not have to accept every opportunity that comes your way. You are allowed to remain committed to your goals.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I had pulled the 8 of pentacles. Technically, I had pulled it reversed. Continue reading “Tarot Diaries: Drawing the 8 of Pentacles”

Free Outdoor Yoga in Toronto – Summer 2017 Edition

Summer’s here baby! It’s time to head outdoors, roll out that mat, and salute the sun!

Here you’ll find a list of free yoga events taking place in (and around) Toronto this summer. This list features predominately free outdoor yoga events and yoga in outdoor spaces. Please note that most free yoga events are BYOM (bring your own mat). Please bring your own mat, water bottle and yoga towel when appropriate.

This list will be updated on a continual basis. Continue reading “Free Outdoor Yoga in Toronto – Summer 2017 Edition”

Amazing Night at Fly Queen West

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Fly Studios on Queen West. Fly Studios is an aerial yoga and reformer Pilates studio located above a storefront (…let’s be real, it’s a dispensary) near Spadina. I’d been wanting to try aerial yoga for a while, but I admit I was a little intimidated! Even a regular yogi can be nervous about new kinds of yoga. That said, I was delighted when Fly invited me to a special event because I knew it would be an awesome way for me to step outside of my comfort zone. Continue reading “Amazing Night at Fly Queen West”

A Reflection On My Yoga Teacher Training So Far

When I was a little girl, my sister and I would scour my grandmother’s parsley patch searching for swallowtail caterpillars. Their vibrant yellows and greens stood out against their black stripes, making them easy to find to a child’s trained eye. Sometimes we would find them just as they were preparing to undergo metamorphosis. Their bodies would be arched in a specific way, like a solid crescent moon. On occasion, we would wait a few days before carefully breaking the plant at the bottom of the stem and transferring the cocoon to a jar. We would watch it everyday as it transformed before our curious eyes. After a few weeks, the chrysalis would begin to wiggle and a beautiful yellow swallowtail butterfly would emerge. We would watch her until she was strong enough to fly away.

I kind of feel like that butterfly right now. I’m not quite ready to emerge from my cocoon, but my wings are definitely forming.

I just submitted my availability for teaching community yoga classes this fall. Can you believe this is actually happening?! I am so proud I took this leap and made the decision to pursue my yoga teacher training. It was risky to try to put my life on hold in order to attend school full-time for an entire month, but I was committed to my Dharma, as we say. Things didn’t exactly go as planned leading up to the training, but there was no way I was going to let anything get in the way of this. I felt compelled to do this now and I am so grateful I listened to my ~ing and rolled with whatever came my way. The experience has been greater than I ever could have imagined. Continue reading “A Reflection On My Yoga Teacher Training So Far”