13 Alternatives to Lululemon

onzie yoga pants in bandanaDon’t get me wrong, I love Lululemon, but they’re not the only players in the game. Ever since I developed a passion for printed pants I have found myself exploring a whole new world of yoga attire possibilities! I admit it’s become a bit of an addiction.

Here are 13 places where you can find rad yoga clothes for when you’re looking for something a little different to add to your collection of energy bras.

FLOW-Active (previously One Tooth Activewear) is located at 2237 Bloor Street West and carries predominately Canadian brands, as well as a number of others. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet (shame on me!) but after perusing their website I intend to make a stop there in the very near future.

One Tooth Activewear
One Tooth itself is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in high quality, Canadian-made yoga and loungewear. While you can get them at FLOW-Active, you can also order items online.

Pictured up and to the right is my current obsession, a pair of silky pants in “bandana” by US-made Onzie. I found these guys up in Blue Mountain at the One Tooth location there, but they also carry them at FLOW-Active and you can order them online. They have so many fun prints and the pants feel awesome and sexy on.


Titika Active Couture (above)
A personal favourite of mine, Titika‘s yoga wear is fashionable, original, comfy and urban. Just looking at their clothing, you get the feeling they put a lot of thought and consideration into their designs. They always have great sales to make room for what constantly feels like rotating new stock. They have a few locations in Ontario and you can find them here in Toronto at 357 Queen Street West.

Inner Fire
I just discovered this New Westminster B.C. apparel company and I think my wallet tried to hide from me. Inner Fire has so many colourful leggings and witty tanks that say things like “I’m Just Here For The Savasana” and “Shake Your Asana,” with a number of inspirational messages thrown in for good measure. Find them in Toronto at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 6.10.37 PMTonic
Another Canadian company that you can purchase at a number of studios and shops in Toronto, including FLOW-Active.  Pictured right, Tonic manufacturers their clothes in Vancouver and while I’ve never tried any of their stuff on before, it looks nice and classic.

Loko Sport
This eco-friendly line is another piece of Canadian pride favouring Canadian fabric distributors. In Toronto, you can find them at the Wildflower boutique at 2780  Yonge Street, just north of Eglinton.  (PS: I want this shirt).

Lija Style
Another B.C. brand, Lija Style is a multi-sport clothing line known especially for their golf and tennis wear that has been around for about 15 years. Their clothing is really colourful and bright, though I’m not sure if it’s available here in Toronto. Huffington Post once said this brand may be the new Lululemon.

Mika Yoga Wear
I’ve had my eyes on a few things at Mike Yoga Wear for a while and have been meaning to check out one of the two locations in the city that carry the line: Brass Vixens at 721 Queen Street West and Felinity Inc at 794 Broadview Ave. I’m loving the chic braided details featured in several of the designs.

Anthropologie has some of the most feminine yoga clothing I’ve seen, especially the brand Free People (pictured left). With a new location at 761 Queen St W, it’s a great excuse to go for a scroll through the world’s second trendiest neighbourhood (according to Vogue) and buy all of the pretty things.

Bet you weren’t expecting this one, but Winners is the perfect place for the yogi on a budget. Not gonna lie, most of my yoga pants are from Winners. With a variety of brands and options at discounted prices, where can you go wrong?!  Click here for a list of local locations.

And if you happen to be at the mall…

Joe Fresh
Comfy, affordable and cute, Joe Fresh has become another great alternative for the yogi on the go. Though not the largest collection, Joe Fresh’s line has indeed expanded, and now includes the ever-so-sought-after tanks with built-in bras. At $24, they’re a fraction of the cost of the old standby and great when you only need a little support.

The Gap
Finally, I leave you with the Gap. The company’s Gap Fit collection impresses me with its diverse designs, soft fabrics, and reasonable price tags. They’ve really amped this line up lately and grown it to include more elaborate back patterns and funky prints. An added bonus? The Gap frequently has sales!

Where else do you buy your yoga clothes? Let’s try to make a list of the best spots in the city. 

27 thoughts on “13 Alternatives to Lululemon

  1. Having worked for Flow Active (during the time it was branded One Tooth) while I resided in Canada, I can safely say that there are so many amazing Canadian clothing manufacturers out there and it is fantastic that they are being showcased all in one location. The ethics and passion behind many of these brands command the upmost respect. I know where the majority of my pay cheques ended up!

  2. Great list! I like the Gap (and Athleta in the US), Tonic, and Titika, as well as Lole (also Canadian, however not made in Canada).

    I love the stuff on the Anthropologie website, but I haven’t seen it carried in stores. Is it only in the Queen St. location? I was at the Yorkville location recently and didn’t see any activewear.

  3. Loko Sport active wear is also available at Bijou Boutique in London along with some unique womens clothing not readily available elsewhere. For those who in the SW Ontario area the store has unique items and a level of service which is unrivalled. It is well worth a visit

  4. I am allergic to spandex and lycra and have such a hard time finding yoga wear that has 5% or less of these fabrics…. Any suggestions?

  5. Not many of these places carry larger sizes. I buy a lot at old Navy for this reason. They have a ton of cool leggings and such. Bigger people like yoga too and should be able to buy everything a smaller person does. Lulu is out for most!

  6. Yogasmoga is a great one, the price is comparable to lululemon. They are based out of the US and don’t have any Canadian locations yet but they ship for free and there stuff is actually made in the US, so no outsourcing to god knows where.

  7. I’m surprised Costco didn’t make the list. Yes it is membership only but the money saved is well worth the selection. I also want to mention a facebook page for leggings that have the most amazing feeling – they are incredibly soft and silky that you should reallly check them out- Sweet Cheeks Ottawa (fantastic selection & very affordable)

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