30 Days of One Day at a Time

You know how the other day I wrote about not waiting for New Year’s to start taking action and making changes so you can live your best life possible? Well, I realized one of the themes that keeps popping up for me is my daily yoga practice, or lack there of.

Obviously I must do something about this!

I have decided to approach this goal in two ways.

1) 30 Day Yoga Challenge

A while ago I was all like I’M GOING TO DO 30 DAYS OF YOGA IN A ROW!!! And then for one reason or another I just never committed to this. I think sometimes it becomes too daunting to think about a challenge in its entirely. We need to remember to be present and take things one day at a time. Even though I am committing to 30 days of yoga with help from Adriene Mishler’s #30DaysofYoga in particular, I’m going to try something new this time. Instead of thinking about the bigger goal, I’m going to focus on my daily goal: to find some quiet time for myself to work on my practice and connect with my mind, body and spirit.

No matter what challenge you’re working on, it’s important not to get too far ahead of yourself. Slow down and enjoy the journey.

2) Energy Exchange

Energy Exchanges are an amazing way to get more involved in the yoga community, learn about what it takes to run a studio, meet like-minded people and develop your practice. Many studios offer them. Typically you volunteer a few hours a week helping out with cleaning, sign-ins and other studio tasks in exchange for a membership. I think this is also a great way for students or yogis on budgets to maximize their practice while also giving back to the yoga community. Yoga can be expensive, but this community is amazing for making yoga accessible in ways that benefit everyone involved.

I reached out to one of my favourite local yoga studios to inquire about an Energy Exchange program and am hopefully going to meet with them in the next couple of days. Since I’m a freelancer this is totally a viable option for me. I think it will also help me when I pursue my teacher training in 2016.

Downward Django

Back to the 30 Day Challenge, I had to laugh last night during Day 1 with Adriene.

  1. Adriene says the strangest, funniest things. I love how she just rolls with it and is very authentic. I can see how she makes beginners feel comfortable and I’m looking forward to checking out her other videos.
  2. I managed to convince the hubs to practice with me, which made the 30 minutes even better. We both got a kick out of the things Adriene said, and it made me feel good that I was able to suggest props to help him start working into some of the poses. We both felt super relaxed after, though the Savasana could have been longer.
  3. My dog Django kept laying down in the middle of our mats. It was so cute and I wish I could have snapped a photo of him. Instead, I leave you with this picture of him in his new Christmas sweater. Oh how I love this little dude!


Do you have a trick for taking things one day at a time? Would love if you shared your secrets below.

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