An Amazing (Free!) Yoga Resource For At-Home Practice

Today, I wanted to take a moment to share an amazing resource with you that my mom actually introduced me to (thanks Mom!). It’s called Do Yoga With Me and it’s a wonderful website full of tutorials, classes and programs designed to help guide you through your practice. Most of the videos appear to be filmed in British Columbia and as such the backdrops for the classes are quite beautiful and serene. No matter which stage you’re at in your practice, this website contains classes for all levels complete with a beginner’s studio that highlights the best videos for yogis that are new to practice. Continue reading “An Amazing (Free!) Yoga Resource For At-Home Practice”

13 Alternatives to Lululemon

onzie yoga pants in bandanaDon’t get me wrong, I love Lululemon, but they’re not the only players in the game. Ever since I developed a passion for printed pants I have found myself exploring a whole new world of yoga attire possibilities! I admit it’s become a bit of an addiction.

Here are 13 places where you can find rad yoga clothes for when you’re looking for something a little different to add to your collection of energy bras. Continue reading “13 Alternatives to Lululemon”

10 Ways To Increase Happiness

I have a million things to be happy about and yet some days I am beyond sad. Depression’s greatest power is its ability to rob us of our happiness without our consent. It took me a while to come to this conclusion, but eventually I realized I needed to play a more active role in my own happiness. I needed to take action to find happiness and make it a part of my life. So I tried a few things and learned a few tricks that help to almost immediately improve my mood. Continue reading “10 Ways To Increase Happiness”

Yoga at the AGO

When I first started practicing yoga, I stuck religiously to my studio, but soon I realized that the spaces in which we do yoga play an important role in the narrative of our practice. Spaces affect how we feel and the level to which we’re able to connect with ourselves, our practice, our teachers, and to other people in the room. When I started paying attention to spaces, I realized I wanted to experience yoga in any unique space I could. I wanted to know what it was like to practice yoga with the sun shining in through stained-glass windows. I wanted to know how it felt under the heat of a mid-August sky, outside in the parks where I usually ride my bike. I wanted to do yoga while surrounded by beauty.

So imagine my delight when I discovered the Art Gallery of Ontario offers yoga classes. This was something I just had to see for myself, so on Monday, two friends and I headed to the AGO after work to check it out. It was, to say the least, an incredible experience. Continue reading “Yoga at the AGO”

10+ Places To Do Yoga For Free In Toronto

At $20 for the average walk-in class, yoga isn’t always accessible for everyone all the time. That’s one of the reasons why so many places in Toronto offer free yoga classes–you just have to know where to look! Here’s a list of places I found that offer frequent, free classes.

Continue reading “10+ Places To Do Yoga For Free In Toronto”

Studio Spotlight: Studio Blue

studioblue 2I started practicing yoga at my old gym, mostly taking restorative classes on Monday nights. Even though this gym had an industrial ambiance, the fitness studio was actually quite nice. Large windows let the warmth of the sun seep in. I would watch it go down as we moved slowly from pose to pose, sinking into savasana along with the sunset.

I began to fall in love with that feeling, that total calmness that I had never experienced until those moments. My gym didn’t offer very many yoga classes, so I picked up the Passport to Prana card and started checking out studios in my neighbourhood and around town. My journey led me to Studio Blue. Continue reading “Studio Spotlight: Studio Blue”