On Letting It Go (+ Tips for Letting It Go)

I haven’t been feeling my best these past few weeks. It’s made it hard to concentrate and I’ve fallen behind on some of my writing assignments and projects as a result. The whole thing has made me rather frustrated and stressed. I hate when I feel like this. So I did what any good yogi does: I went to the studio and I let it go. Continue reading “On Letting It Go (+ Tips for Letting It Go)”

On anxiety and yoga

I am an anxious person. I wish I wasn’t, but the truth is I worry about everything. I worry about things before they happen, as they’re happening, and after they’ve happened. I worry about things that will never happen. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night worrying. Other times I can’t sleep at all because I’m worrying. I make people text me when they get home. I check all my doors twice. I take Ativan when it all gets to be a bit too much.

For the longest time I accepted my anxiety as just part of who I was. I’m a worrier! I’d say. I come from a family of worriers! It’s in my blood! But last year I started getting sick of my anxiety. I wanted to go one day without imagining the worst possible thing was going to happen. I wanted to embrace this care free spirit I knew was inside of me. I wanted to take chances without fear of retribution. I wanted to sleep better at night and worry less. Continue reading “On anxiety and yoga”