My Personalized Crystal Session at Happy Soul Toronto

I was fortunate to be invited to Happy Soul for an Intro to Crystals session with Joey Wargachuk (pictured above with Happy Soul founder and owner Diane Kewley). These sessions are like one-on-one personal crystal shopping experiences that help you find the crystals that might be helpful or healing to you at this time. You also have the opportunity to have all your crystal questions answered, of which I had plenty! Continue reading “My Personalized Crystal Session at Happy Soul Toronto”

10 Essential Oils to Enhance Your Yoga Practice

I LOVE essential oils! Those beautiful, sensual aromas have the power to transform your mood, whether it’s to pick you up, calm you down, or even make you feel a little sexy! They have become an integral part of my yoga practice and I like to incorporate them whenever I can. They’re gorgeous, natural and grounding, and they make me feel connected to nature even when I’m trudging my mat through the proverbial concrete jungle.

Here are 10 essential oils you can use to enhance your yoga practice. Continue reading “10 Essential Oils to Enhance Your Yoga Practice”

60 Min Yoga Flow Playlist

I’m teaching my first Saturday class this weekend and I made this soundtrack to go along with it. I feel these songs in my bones and I love the way they make my body move and feel, and yes that includes “Saved” from Nashville (anyone else waiting for Jan 2018 with intense anticipation?!?!). I just love Maddie’s, I mean Lennon’s, voice. So much so, I threw another track of hers on there as well. Press play and flow away.  Continue reading “60 Min Yoga Flow Playlist”

8 Toronto Yogis to Follow on Instagram

Stunning and inspiring Instagram accounts from some of Toronto’s top yogis that you absolutely must follow.

The Yogi’s Guide to Essential Reading

Put the kettle on, get your tea mug ready and wrap yourself up in a warm, fuzzy blanket because tonight we’re talking about reading! I started compiling this list as I was preparing for my yoga teacher training and have decided to continue updating it as I discover more yoga books and texts. If I’ve missed any, please feel free to post them in the comments below! I have not yet read all of these, but they’re on my list.

Continue reading “The Yogi’s Guide to Essential Reading”

Book Review: Yoga Girl By Rachel Brathen

I just finished reading Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen and wow, what a beautiful book! Part memoir and part yoga reference guide, Yoga Girl is full of stunning photos that capture Rachel’s radiance, strength and positivity, as well as her life living along the beautiful beaches of Aruba. It features broken down sequencing and proper pose technique, and contains enough inspiration to set you up for a lifetime of positive thinking.

But what I like most about it is how real it is. It reminded me of how my own yoga journey began.

Continue reading “Book Review: Yoga Girl By Rachel Brathen”

Don’t Wait Until January, Here’s How You Can Start Improving Your Life Today

Ah, December 1st, you have arrived. It is my annual tradition to spend way too much time this month reflecting on the past year. I love setting resolutions and goals, planning adventures, establishing steps to get closer to my dreams, reflecting on my memories, moments and the things that affected me. I try to focus on the good stuff and learn from the bad stuff. This year I’m also thinking a lot about myself as a person, and the kind of person I want to be (and the life I want to lead) going forward. Continue reading “Don’t Wait Until January, Here’s How You Can Start Improving Your Life Today”

Did I just Fall In Love With Kickboxing?

Yesterday I met with a personal trainer. I want to work towards incorporating inversions into my practice and I definitely don’t feel strong enough for these poses right now. I thought a few sessions with a trainer might introduce me to some targeted exercises to help me address the areas I want to strengthen. At the time it felt like a pretty demanding session, so I was a little disappointed that I only really felt it in like two areas today. Our workout started with an ab circuit, progressed through a series of exercises using free weights and machines, and ended with 15 minutes or so of kickboxing.

Kickboxing! It’s like I completely forgot this form of exercise even existed. Continue reading “Did I just Fall In Love With Kickboxing?”

Authenticity in Social Media, Writing and Real Life

I’ve been thinking a lot about Essena O’Neill, the Australian teenager who has been in the news this week for her viral video announcing her departure from social media because it is not real life. Continue reading “Authenticity in Social Media, Writing and Real Life”

Two Yoga Things I’m Loving Right Now

My friend thought it would be fun to do a “what’s in my yoga bag” style post, but since I don’t really have a yoga bag I thought I’d just quickly write about two things I’m loving right now that have become staples of mine. Continue reading “Two Yoga Things I’m Loving Right Now”