Chasing Positivity

I’m doing everything I can to embrace positivity these days. It’s not like I’m not a positive person to begin with, it’s just that since I struggle with some anxiety and depression, positivity is not always my go-to attitude. I turn to negative thinking almost out of habit. I’m such a chronic worrier, for example, that sometimes it’s hard for me to look at things on the bright side. This really doesn’t match my personality or who I am in general, so I’ve been working to change this. I want to live a full, beautiful, optimistic life, so it’s time to get rid of those negative thought patterns.

I’ve been reading a lot on mindfulness and I’ve also recently incorporated guided meditation and mindful CBT into my life and my practice. As a result, these practices are changing my life! I’ve learned that sometimes to be positive, you have to put in a little work. You literally have to retrain your brain in order to change the way you think. This takes time, patience and compassion. It also take a certain level of awareness to realize things aren’t all that bad.

I’s tough, but it’s totally doable. Becoming a more positive person is a choice we can make and a path we can all choose to go on.

So what I have been doing to become a more positive person?

  • Taking the time to show gratitude towards people and things
  • Slowing down to appreciate the beauty of the world around me (literally taking the time to observe the world and notice the little things that make it so wonderful)
  • Becoming more aware of things in general, and doing so without judgment
  • Working on my breathing exercises and learning how breath work can help change the narrative of a situation, or at least your role in or response to that situation
  • Dedicating more time to yoga and meditation
  • Getting help: I am enrolled in a mindful cbt program to help me live my most positive life ever. This is having a huge impact on me
  • Spending more time with the people who make me happy/laugh
  • Spending less time with the people who are bad influences on me, or who do not have positive attitudes of their own
  • Getting outside and biking around the city, taking in its beauty while allowing myself to appreciate and feel the sunshine and wind on my skin as I ride (hello summer!)
  • Working to recognize when I am not thinking positively, and taking steps to shift my thinking to reflect a more positive perspective
  • Becoming more accepting of things as they are, including myself

What do you do, or what have you done, to become a more positive person? Do you believe we all have the capacity to change the way we think? Let me know in the comments below. 

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