Did I just Fall In Love With Kickboxing?

Yesterday I met with a personal trainer. I want to work towards incorporating inversions into my practice and I definitely don’t feel strong enough for these poses right now. I thought a few sessions with a trainer might introduce me to some targeted exercises to help me address the areas I want to strengthen. At the time it felt like a pretty demanding session, so I was a little disappointed that I only really felt it in like two areas today. Our workout started with an ab circuit, progressed through a series of exercises using free weights and machines, and ended with 15 minutes or so of kickboxing.

Kickboxing! It’s like I completely forgot this form of exercise even existed. Back in university I had a trainer and we did kickboxing for cardio sometimes. I definitely enjoyed it then, but I never did anything beyond our sessions. It was completely different this time.  Not only did I love it, but I didn’t want it to end. The time went by so fast that I was disappointed when it was over. Unfortunately my gym doesn’t offer kickboxing classes (though apparently they might be adding some soon) so when I got home I started looking in my neighbourhood to see if kickboxing was offered anywhere else. Turns out there’s a place not too far at all. I’m probably going to go check out a class tomorrow and then impulsively buy some crazy package.

I’ve recently noticed a bunch of publications chatting with model Gigi Hadid (pictured above) about her boxing routine. Although she’s been active her entire life, she really credits boxing (and clean eating) with keeping her in shape now. I kind of enjoy kicking things so obviously kickboxing is more my style, but I totally get why she says she’s addicted to it. It is a complete workout and it’s not easy, but man does it make you feel good! When I become obsessed with it please remind me that this blog is supposed to be about yoga, k? Thanks!

Anyone else into kickboxing?  Do you find it a good complement to your yoga practice? Fill me in. I’m new to this. 

Photo Source: Gigi Hadid’s Instagram

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