A 6-card Stranger Things Tarot Spread inspired by themes presented throughout the show

Stranger Things Tarot Spread

Let’s Get Strange!

Season 2 of Stranger Things is here and what better way to honour it (second to binge watching the entire season in one weekend, let’s be real) than by digging inside your own psyche to examine your personal demons and bring to light your powers through this Stranger Things tarot spread.

This spread is designed to help you understand some of the things you’re hiding from yourself and the world and how to find balance between the things that bring lightness to your life and the things that bring darkness. One cannot be without the other.

A big theme throughout Stranger Things is the exploration into the balance between the dark and light sides of ourselves, and what happens when one begins to overshadow (usually the darkness) the other. This spread asks us to identify and examine our hidden powers. It seeks to help us understand the very demons we’re running from and why recognizing them and letting them go is the key to finding lightness. It reveals how it’s possible, and necessary, for both to exist at the same time, but that we have the power to break free of our internal upside downs.

Insight into the Stranger Things Tarot Spread’s meanings

  1. Your present self. This card represents who you are at this present time. We are always changing, but this card will shine light on what’s important to you right now and some of the themes that have been guiding you lately. It can be a powerful anchor for the remaining cards and a reminder that there is an ebb and flow to things.
  2. What is hiding in your mind’s “upside down.” In Stranger Things, the upside down is a parallel universe full of darkness and demons. I believe this world represents the parallel universes we invent in our own minds and the shadows that lurk there. This card asks what is hiding in your upside down, meaning what is it that is always present even when others, or yourself, can’t see it.
  3. How to confront it and ultimately let it go. What do you need to do in order to move out of this shadow and into your light? What haunts us in our minds haunts us in our conscious selves. What steps can you begin to take to move away from this darkness?
  4. What power are you hiding from the world? It’s not just darkness we hide from the world. Sometimes it is the very essence of our light. Instead of focusing on the darkness, this card asks us to consider the powers we haven’t tapped into yet. What are they and what do they mean?
  5. How to bring your power to light. This card will help you identify a path to begin bringing your power to light, allowing yourself to shine a little brighter in the world.
  6. What you need to know about balancing the light and dark in your life. This card brings a message from the universe, a reminder or a mantra to help you manage the light and dark in your life going forward. Let this card be a guide for you going forward, something to reflect on when the darkness starts to take over again.

Stranger Things Tarot Spread featuring the moon, the six of swords, the six of pentacles, the mother/queen of cups, the son/knight of wands and the lovers

My Stranger Things Tarot Spread Reading Interpretation

For my reading, I used the Wild Unknown deck by Kim Krans. I adore this deck. It is the deck that reignited my passion for tarot and opened new doors for me. Plus, what a perfectly named deck for a Stranger Things tarot spread don’t you think?

For the photo, I supported the “dark side” with black and dark stones including dalmatian jasper, black obsidian and a big chunk of tumbled black moonstone. On the “light side” I’ve got lemurian quartz, crystal quartz and smoky quartz. Dark stones are associated with the root chakra and clear and white stones are connected to the crown chakra. I’ve also got some white sage there since it’s so cleansing.

To read more about crystals, check out my recent post about crystals and the chakras.

1. Your present self: The moon. The moon is the card of intuition, but like this spread it has a dark side and a light side. In the Wild Unknown deck, the moon card represents the very essence of this spread. The book says, “it is the shadow realm, the place where dreams, fears, and mysteries are born.” The moon represents a dark period, one that often indicates a need to find one’s path, to look up and be guided by the illuminating light of intuition. I could not have chosen a better card to represent me (and this spread) at this time in my  life, one where I feel new again navigating a path unknown.

2. What is hiding in your mind’s upside down: The Six of Swords. A painful card, this represents a time to move away from harsh waters into smoothing waters. It is a time to leave things behind, and while this imagery can be painful do not miss the rainbow in this card that brings light and colour to an otherwise dark and desperate time. This rainbow represents hope. What is hiding in my upside down? All my fears. Fears that I don’t know where I’m going. Fear that I’ve moved too far away from my passions. Fear of what lies ahead in the unknown.

3. How to confront it and ultimately let it go: The Six of Pentacles. This was an interesting card to pull. I am town between two interpretations. The first that it’s time to turn these fears into fruits, to recognize what has gotten me this far and to see it as a strength, possibly even as something I could monetize. The second is to ask for help. This card often represents a generosity and an abundance, but it can also represent the need to extend your own hand and ask for help. Sometimes we can’t move through the darkness on our own.

Rendering of a worm hole, looks like a galaxy

4. What power are you hiding from the world? Mother of Cups. The Queen of Cups in other decks, a woman of emotion and great intuition, a highly spiritual and psychic card. Is this my gift? Things like tarot that require me to use my intuition? Is this the thing I should be shining more light on, as it seems to be happening naturally anyway. This deck depicts a swan, gorgeous and gracious but also aggressive, like the Queen. Use your intuition wisely and for good.

5. How to bring your power to light. The Son of Wands. I see you snake, slithering around a beautiful flower. This card marks a time to turn a spark of an idea into something more. It’s an invitation to take the first steps in getting an idea off the ground and the message out there. A reminder to embrace the fiery energy of the knight of wands and start my journey forward. Harness the fiery energy of the king and the more balanced queen. Tread carefully and beware of snakes along the way. Do not mistake illusion for intuition.

6. What you need to know about balancing the light and dark in your life: the Lovers. This card doesn’t always represent what we think it does, but in this case I am embracing the Wild Unknown’s favouring of unity. It is a reminder that darkness and light exist together in a union. Birds are also seen as messengers between earth and the heavens, which basically just invites one to keep an open mind and be aware of the universe’s many messages. Sometimes life is painful and we must work to move away from that pain, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace the joy that exists simultaneously.

What do you think of this spread? If you tried it, I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below. This was my first original spread, but I had so much fun and gained so much insight I may start making this a more regular thing. I will be offering this reading to my friends tonight at our Stranger Things viewing party. We love this show!

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