Tarot Diaries: Drawing the 8 of Pentacles

I have always loved Tarot and recently I committed to learning more by signing up for a 12-week tarot certification program through one of my favourite esoteric shops here in Toronto. I’m about a third of the way through and I thought I’d start writing about my Tarot journey here and its relation to my yoga practice. Plus writing about things is the best way for me to learn, so why not share these things I’m learning with you! 

Today I shuffled my deck, looked inward and asked the Tarot what I needed to know about a new project I’ve recently been discussing. The project is a short-term opportunity that is relevant to my background and experience, but isn’t something I’ve actually done before. I’m also not sure if it’s something I want to invest so much energy into even though it would be a new challenge for me, and I am looking for new challenges, and it would have a good material payout at the end if it all worked out. However, the idea of it makes me a little anxious because it strays from the plan I had for myself this summer, which was to focus on my writing job, begin pitching more articles, and to truly commit to my yoga practice and get my yoga teaching off the ground. I never want to see a good opportunity walk out the door, but I also know that despite what anyone tells you, you do not have to accept every opportunity that comes your way. You are allowed to remain committed to your goals.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I had pulled the 8 of pentacles. Technically, I had pulled it reversed. Continue reading “Tarot Diaries: Drawing the 8 of Pentacles”