Tarot Diaries: Drawing the 8 of Pentacles

I have always loved Tarot and recently I committed to learning more by signing up for a 12-week tarot certification program through one of my favourite esoteric shops here in Toronto. I’m about a third of the way through and I thought I’d start writing about my Tarot journey here and its relation to my yoga practice. Plus writing about things is the best way for me to learn, so why not share these things I’m learning with you! 

Today I shuffled my deck, looked inward and asked the Tarot what I needed to know about a new project I’ve recently been discussing. The project is a short-term opportunity that is relevant to my background and experience, but isn’t something I’ve actually done before. I’m also not sure if it’s something I want to invest so much energy into even though it would be a new challenge for me, and I am looking for new challenges, and it would have a good material payout at the end if it all worked out. However, the idea of it makes me a little anxious because it strays from the plan I had for myself this summer, which was to focus on my writing job, begin pitching more articles, and to truly commit to my yoga practice and get my yoga teaching off the ground. I never want to see a good opportunity walk out the door, but I also know that despite what anyone tells you, you do not have to accept every opportunity that comes your way. You are allowed to remain committed to your goals.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I had pulled the 8 of pentacles. Technically, I had pulled it reversed.

Eight of Pentacles

Upright, this is a powerful card that speaks to creating our own success. It speaks to a period of hard work and the fruits of this hard work’s labour. The man is sitting there hand-carving his pentacles. He has six completed and two remain, meaning he has been working on this for a while. He is the creator of his own domain, the master of his own success. This card encourages the reader to continue working towards success and suggests that the hard work will pay off in the end. However, he works in isolation (the town/community is far behind him, but not out of sight). Can he really finish the task on his own? This can be a prosperous card, but it is a card that warns of perfectionism and hyper-focus, possibly on the wrong things. I consulted my Circadian tarot and it said, “this is a time to be steadfast in your attention to detail and to hone your gifts.” It also says that though it can be tempting to look ahead to where this all will lead, to not ignore the value of the journey itself and the lessons the journey brings.

Reversed, the 8 of Pentacles warns of a lack of motivation. It asks why the reader is not investing more time in career ambitions and security that make them feel fulfilled. It asks us to consider if our current projects are merely distractions. I consulted Biddy Tarot, a favourite online taort resource of mine, and it said, “Are you working on the right things, or is there a major part that you are missing? Return to the energy of the Seven of Pentacles and re-prioritise and invest in those activities that will lead to the greatest return.”

I’m a freelance writer and I spend almost all of my professional time alone. I don’t really like to be alone, but as a writer with a writer’s mind (aka I spend too much time inside my own head) that’s where I find myself often. Lately, I have simply not been feeling fulfilled from a career perspective. I have made changes though. Next week I begin a short writing contract with a company I’ve worked with before and I’m excited to go into an office once a week to help them out. I’ve been applying to volunteer yoga teaching positions and I’ve been focusing a lot of attention on improving the quality of work I produce for my regular writing gig, trying to make every piece better than the last. My writing has been going well and I have recently paid off some major debts. Yet, I feel stuck. I feel plagued. I am constantly asking myself, why do I still feel this way?

Earlier this week I did a 3-card reading with my Tarot teacher and asked why I did not feel fulfilled. There are four suits in the tarot deck and I pulled all but the pentacles, the most grounding suit of them all. How curious it is to me that the pentacles card I pulled today speaks to my same concerns. That something is missing, but only I can figure out what that something is.

At the end of the day this card is a card that reminds us that our path will take us wherever our energy is focused, but it is up to us to determine if our energies are focused on the right things, and what the right things are. This is not an easy journey, but it is an essential one if we want to find fulfilment.

I am going to meditate on the meaning of this reading and then sweat it out in my backyard with an at-home yoga practice. Then, I’m going to get back to work.

Do you ever consult the Tarot? Would you be interested in more posts like this, and more posts that combine yoga and tarot? I’d love if you shared your thoughts with me in the comments below. How do you use the Tarot in your life?

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