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I see a common thread between yoga and tarot. So often we hit the mat to find answers to something, whether it’s the secret to our inner peace or a clarity we hope might come to us in savasana. It’s the same with tarot. We are drawing on our intuition, daring to go inside ourselves and listen to what the universe is trying to tell us. Perhaps this is why as my yoga practice strengthened, so too did my draw to the lessons of the tarot.

Do you have a question that is burning up inside of you? Are you looking for insight into an area of your life for which you need some clarity? A tarot reading might be the answer.

The premise of tarot is simple. Each deck contains 78 cards, each card its own layers upon layers of meaning and insight, rooted in history and symbolism, and drawn to you through your own intuition. By drawing a particular card, I believe that is the message that you are meant to hear.

I received my first tarot deck when I was a young teenager as a gift from my mother. Over the years I casually provided readings to friends, often relying on my favourite tarot books to help decode the messages. Then things shifted. I started to feel their messages more inherently and I began to study more intensely, drawing cards each day and immersing myself in research. I believe my yoga practice has a lot to do with this as it connected me deeper to my own intuition, allowing me to become more open and receptive to the messages of the universe and the feelings of those around me.

Tarot certification is a bit controversial in the tarot community, but I have studied and continue to do so with great teachers such as Jayne Marie. Through her I have earned a level 1 tarot reader certification, which is more a testament to my commitment to the cards than anything else. I continue to study with her and others.

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Questions you might have for the tarot:

  • What does the universe want me to know right now?
  • Is it in my best interest to pursue this job? Make this career move?
  • What do I need to focus on right now in order to move forward in my career? Find inner peace? Improve my relationship?
  • What obstacles do I need to overcome in order to: open myself up to love? Meet my soulmate?
  • What are my weaknesses and strengths?
  • What do I need to let go of? How can I let go of ____?
  • What needs more attention in my life right now?

These are just a few examples of questions that you can ask the tarot. Most people ask about careers, relationships, money or health.

To seek insight, I rely heavily on my intuition and the feelings I receive from you. I consult the classic Rider-Waite deck, which is the deck pictured above. I collect decks, however, and enjoy providing readings using others such as the Wild Unknown Tarot. If you are interesting in consulting a particular deck please let me know and we can totally use it if I have it in my collection. I also like to switch the cards up sometimes for special readings, such as under a new or full moon.

How much is a reading?

As I still consider myself a student of tarot, I am offering 30 minute readings for $25 or hour-long sessions for $40. These prices will increase in the new year. To book a reading or to receive more information, please contact me here.

Disclaimer: I will not provide insight into legal or serious health related matters. It is part of my practice to provide insight, not advice, regardless of the question. I will reveal the messages of the tarot, but it is always up to you to take action. I encourage you to take what you need from the reading and leave the rest. There is no need to overthink tarot, but rather to listen to its messages and apply them as you see fit.